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Reminded me of ET and the Reeses Pieces. It was done very well with great timing to connect with the emotions. Voice would've ruined it. Great Job!

lengthen it

Yah. Go ahead and make an episode. Would be interested in watching it.

standing ovation

The Greatest American Hero - that was clever -- I was born in '74.

You're cartoons are of the highest standard. Keep up the good work.

I liked how Marx takes off the mask to reveal himself looking like the mask.

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totally had fun

An addicting game. Reminded me of Atari games from 80's. I scored 12.

good work

Had fun playing it for a short while. Look for my PM.

lots of holes

I created the button and entered the first set of script. Then I right clicked on the button-layer frame to enter the stop(); command. Now your screen shows a blank screen with the stop command by itself, but when I enter in the command I did it after the "release" command. You also don't explain if I have to place the "stop" command for every layer either. For a beginner, I found it confusing that I right clicked on all layers for the same frame and found the "release" command there. I guess that's right?

Anyways, I ran the game, which has frames after the button frame, and the animation didn't stop. It just went frame after frame right through the button frame and continued on.

Another tutorial said the button has to be a movie clip first, then a button... you didn't mention this. So which is it?

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A course of action becomes clear

Overall I think the song is good, but needs a better mix.

The scream at the beginning lacks intensity because of how it mixes in with the song. Maybe increase its volume as the scream opens up. It's a really good scream.

The hi hat and cymbal hits sound too quiet, while the kick drum sounds a bit shallow/flat. It also sounds that you have the cymbals panned a bit too hard left. It's hard to tell with my very old boom box, but look into that.

The death vocals are good quality. The clean vocals lack in strength. That's partially how they're mixed (softness, dryness, maybe lack of some dynamic effects) and how they fall off pitch a bit. I know your dead set on not using pitch shifters, but it's okay to use them to correct small errs. It has nothing to do with current vocalists comapred to those of the past before pitch shifters were available; even the greatest of singers fall off pitch sometimes.

The bass guitar gets too loud at times, like in the end, and at the end it seems that something is falling off time a wee bit.

The guitar solo lacks sustain it needs (or something during the hammer on/pull off parts mostly), and I'm not sure the effect (sounds like an electric violin?) on it blends in with the song well.

Again, overall a good job. The song has a good flow that carries the listener through. I think if the mixing was upped a bit, then this song would kick a little more ass.

So an 8, to leave room open for corrections.

MetalForce responds:

Wow man, killer review.
Okay, in order:
- the scream at the beginning went from quiet to REALLY LOUD to less REALLY LOUD. To compensate, I used a compressor.
- I like the way the drums are panned - the ride that I use the most is pretty much only in the right speaker, so it must be on your end. Same for the kick - sounds awesome over here.
- cleans do need work, I agree. I probably will fix them at some point, I was just eager to get a 'teaser' put up, because this project really is a lot of fun. I actually had done them (nearly) perfectly, but my program crashed immediately after I got finished effecting them. Seems that happens to me pretty often. =[
- the bass does get too loud at the end. Yay compression w00t. It's also what's falling off time, but I didn't realize that until I had left my dad's (where I recorded the bass track, I don't have a bass).
- the lead... yeah, that's REAPER reverb, it's a little metallic sounding. But I personally think it sounds pretty cool, and helps it stand out a bit, without requiring a volume boost. Sorry you didn't like it.

You're getting soft... you didn't even complain about the lyrics! =p
Oh, wait... could that be because they're... good?!?
Haha, you know I'm messing with you man.
Thanks for the awesome review, I'll look into some of these and see if I can get any more asskickery out of this tune.
Metal! \m/


That's effin insane!

hard on

Rock! Is that real drums. What are you playing? I'm giving a 9 to leave room for any updates of the song.

DarKsidE555 responds:

Nope, it's a vst plug-in called EZDrummer. But pretty cool. Anyways, does that mean they sound like real drums? If so, swell! :)

I'm playing a b.c. rich virgo blood with an EMG pick-up. The "song" will not be updated because it's not a song. It's a "loop" or an intro to something. :)

Thanks for checking!


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